Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates about the current Water Problems in CDO

A lot of areas in Cagayan have been experiencing water problems for about two weeks now and the Water District does not communicate much about it, hopefully I got some updates.

They are improving the new pipe between their network and Vista Verde's one, it's a replacement following Sendong and they have put a tube at that time to supply back water to the city. The problem is that this tube is too small and must now be changed, it's the reason why there are rotating water issues in the water supply. They will last up to June 30, so please be patient.

I know for Bellevue, the schedule is :
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF): 10AM-4PM
Tuesday, Thursday (TTH): 4AM-1PM
Saturday & Sunday: Normal Supply

You schedule may be a little different, maybe inverted, but the logic must be similar, observe to be able to be prepared the next days.

Update June 16, 2012:
The stops of supply start on time but finish largely after what is supposedly planned, generally 3 to 4 hours late, they also happen on satuday... right now actually!

The "real" schedule would then be:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF): 10AM-8PM
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (TTHS): 4AM-5PM
Sunday: Normal Supply (not sure actually!)

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