Monday, June 11, 2012

Granvia Suite, new Condo Project in Upper Cagayan de Oro

I visited Granvia Suites, the new condominium project from Johndorf Ventures Corps in Upper Cagayan, just next to SM, behind Primavera Residences for those who know it. It's very nice as you can see, just contact me to visit it. You can also notice that the project is advancing very fast, they are respecting the schedule, very good news for the future owners there.

First let's start by the video, the music is my husband choice, no comment! :)

If you are interested by this property, contact me:
Globe/TM: 0905 753 7607 
Smart: 0939 921 9011
Sun: 0932 852 9098 
Now, here are the pictures I took:


  1. The place is quite interesting. I like how everything was put into place and it is gorgeous.Though what part of CDO is this?

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  2. Thanks Paul, yes it's very nice.
    Granvia Suites is located in Upper Carmen, just next to SM, it's a flood-free area and close to the majority of the subdivisions here.

  3. sure is a niceeee place:) cannot get enough of SM Hahaha! think iam to late on this posting

  4. No it's not late Sir Malcolm. :)
    It's still available and yes it's definitely the best condo (with Primavera) if you like to hang out in SM.


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