Saturday, June 30, 2012

My top Listings - Week 26

From now on, I'll try to share with you some selected listings in or around Cagayan de Oro, let's start today with week 26 then. This are mostly private properties but I will sometimes add a few developer's projects also.

House for Rent:

I can propose you a 170sqm fully furnished house in Upper Cagayan, close to SM & Xavier University, it has 2 storeys, 3 bedrooms & 3T&B. The monthly rental is 25k. More Details >>

House for Sale:

DetailsLot AreaFloor AreaPrice
House & Lot in Xavier Estates w/ 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms & 3 toilets, close to the Soccer FieldMore Details >>1501805.900.000
This full gated House is located in Scions, Kauswagan, it has 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms & 4 toilets. More Details >>1501883.300.000
I can propose this house w/ or w/o a corner lot (2 versions available), it's in a secured and flood-free subdivision in Upper-Carmen. It has 4BR and 3 T&B. More Details >>1061083.100.000
Forest View welcomes you if you like a quiet & green environment and I'm sure you'll like this 2BR & 2Bathrooms house w/ a terrace on the second floor should. More Details >>80601.722.000

House for Sale with Loan to Assume:

I have two houses to assume in Bellevue Subdivision, both are with the 36sqm house. One is php950.000 + 10 years at 16k per month for 105sqm and the second is a corner lot so the area is 154sqm, the cost is 800k + 1.3M remaining to pay to Pagibig at 13.636php / month.

I can also propose you a property in Barra, Opol. The main payment is 500.000 and it remains approximately 100k to pay to Pagibig. It's a 2BR house w/ one bathroom, the floor area is 40sqm and the lot is 100sqm.

Condo for Sale:

I can propose you condo units in Granvia Suites, they range from the studio type to 1BR apartments with 2 toilets & balcony. The price varies from 1.5 to 3.2M. More infos here >>
Residential Units for Sale Cagayan de Oro City-Granvia Suites

Commercial Building for Sale:

If you are looking for long-term and secured investment, this building located in the heart of Cagayan de Oro City is probably a very good choice. It has 608sqm divided in 4 storeys. The negociable contract price is 31M and the expected monthly income can go up to 400K if the building is fully occupied. More infos here >>

Do not hesitate to comment here or contact me directly if you are looking for something in this list or something different, I'll be happy to find it for you.

Have a good weekend everybody!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pueblo de Oro Holiday Promo

This offer is valid for all the month of June... I know it remains only a few days, sorry for the short notice but it's not too late. :)

Pueblo de Oro lets you three months without any payment (aside from reservation) if you buy a property or lot in Forest View and Golf Estates. You will start to pay the equity and amortizations in September then!

Contact me for more details

Saturday, June 23, 2012

La Mirande Crest in video!

I visited La Mirande & La Mirande Crest (Gran Europa) yesterday with a lot of my fellow Real Estate Practitioners and I can definitely say that it looks promising. The two subdivisions will be "joined" together so that the new owners will benefit from all the already existing amenities like the swimming pool.

You can have a look at the pictures here and I already shared the tariffs here when I presented you the two new subdivisions in Gran Europa.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Former President's Marcos House is for Sale!

OK, today's post is not related to Cagayan de Oro but it's linked with Real Estate and I found it "important" to talk about it as a real Jewel is for sale right now.

The Moriches’ Bay Waterfront Estate is on the market, if you have about 210 millions pesos, it can be yours... And I'm really OK to be your agent for this transaction. :)
This wonderful house is located in Long Island, New York for information, the price in dollars is 4.95M.

Moriches’ Bay Waterfront Estate
Moriches’ Bay Waterfront Estate
You have more details about the property here, it's quite amazing to know that Ferdinand Marcos never visited it actually.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two new Subdivisions will open in Gran Europa

Brokers and Agents had a meeting on tuesday evening with Camella Homes in order for them to present us their new projects and... This is not at all what we expected (I'll tell you a little more about that soon).

Camella Homes has acquired new lots around Gran Europa and this group of subdivisions will grow soon with two new ones: Lessandra Heights & La Mirande Crest

As before, Lessandra is quite low-cost while La Mirande is high-end. For the launching, you can avail units at unbeatable prices!!!

Lessandra Heights

Before you ask me, let me explain you that Reana & Margarita are townhouse versions of Rina & Marga.

Reana Model - 40sqm w/ 2 bedrooms
15% down payment and as low as 6,000 monthly*

Rina Model - 40sqm w/ 2 bedrooms
15% down payment and as low as 7,700 monthly*

Margarita Model - 46sqm w/ 2 bedrooms
15% down payment and as low as 6,200 monthly*

Marga Model - 46sqm w/ 2 bedrooms
15% down payment and as low as 8,000 monthly*

La Mirande Crest

Carmela Model - 65sqm w/ 3 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 13,000 monthly*

Drina Model - 83sqm w/ 3 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 15,500 monthly*

Sapphire Model - 110sqm w/ 3 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 17,500 monthly*

Elaisa Model - 97sqm w/ 4 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 18,000 monthly*

Emerald Model - 143sqm w/ 3 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 19,500 monthly*

Ruby Model - 179sqm w/ 3 bedrooms
20% down payment and as low as 25,500 monthly*

Globe/TM: 0917 309 7257

Smart: 0939 921 9011

Sun: 0932 852 9098


* Monthly amortizations with PAGIBIG for a loan on 30 years. The prices are indicative and may change without prior notice. Final computations will be given in the office upon reservation.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates about the current Water Problems in CDO

A lot of areas in Cagayan have been experiencing water problems for about two weeks now and the Water District does not communicate much about it, hopefully I got some updates.

They are improving the new pipe between their network and Vista Verde's one, it's a replacement following Sendong and they have put a tube at that time to supply back water to the city. The problem is that this tube is too small and must now be changed, it's the reason why there are rotating water issues in the water supply. They will last up to June 30, so please be patient.

I know for Bellevue, the schedule is :
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF): 10AM-4PM
Tuesday, Thursday (TTH): 4AM-1PM
Saturday & Sunday: Normal Supply

You schedule may be a little different, maybe inverted, but the logic must be similar, observe to be able to be prepared the next days.

Update June 16, 2012:
The stops of supply start on time but finish largely after what is supposedly planned, generally 3 to 4 hours late, they also happen on satuday... right now actually!

The "real" schedule would then be:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF): 10AM-8PM
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (TTHS): 4AM-5PM
Sunday: Normal Supply (not sure actually!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Granvia Suite, new Condo Project in Upper Cagayan de Oro

I visited Granvia Suites, the new condominium project from Johndorf Ventures Corps in Upper Cagayan, just next to SM, behind Primavera Residences for those who know it. It's very nice as you can see, just contact me to visit it. You can also notice that the project is advancing very fast, they are respecting the schedule, very good news for the future owners there.

First let's start by the video, the music is my husband choice, no comment! :)

If you are interested by this property, contact me:
Globe/TM: 0905 753 7607 
Smart: 0939 921 9011
Sun: 0932 852 9098 
Now, here are the pictures I took:

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