Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nice House in Lumbia, near Airport

I have a wonderful listing in Lumbia for those who like to live a quiet environment a little outside of the city, it's located in Lumbia, about 10 minutes by car from SM.

The 1,500sqm lot is very well maintained, fully gated with a fountain and a wide variety of plants and trees including baby coconuts and Ylang-Ylang.

It has a main house of 181 sqm with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it's very clear and aerated, no need for aircon there. :)
There is also a second house good for two helpers, three car places inside the property, one generator and one big water tank, it may be useful in case of blackout or water problems as it happens sometimes.

If you are interested by this property, you have more details here and you can contact me directly:
Globe/TM: 0905 753 7607 
Smart: 0939 921 9011
Sun: 0932 852 9098 

A video is better than long speeches I suppose, here is one then. :)

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