Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cagayan de Oro Subdivisions

It's not easy to stay updated with all the subdivisions in the city so I'll try to talk to you about a four of them today, hope it'll help you in case you are planning to buy. They are the ones most my clients buy in, do not hesitate to comment or contact me about this article.

Bellevue Subdivision Gran Europa Xavier Estates Tuscania Subdivision
Bellevue Subdivision Gran Europa Xavier Estates Tuscania Subdivision
Location Upper Carmen Lumbia Upper Balulang Kauswagan
Flood-free V V V V
24h Security V V V V
Clubhouse V V V V
Basketball Court V V V V
Swimming Pool X V V V
Tennis Court X X V X
Lot only X V V X
Houses & Lot V V V V
Commercial Units X V X X
Close to
  • SM City
  • Xavier University High-School
  • Corpus Christi School
  • XU College (Agriculture Dpt)
  • SM City
  • Xavier University High-School
  • Corpus Christi School
  • Golf Course
  • Airport
  • SM City
  • Xavier University High-School
  • Corpus Christi School
  • Golf Course
  • Airport
  • City Center
  • Kong Hua School
  • Malls (Gaisano, LKK & Ayala soon)
Price Range 2 - 3M 1M+ 3M+ 2M+

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Panoramic Views from Primavera Residences

I just got new pictures from Primavera residences, they show the view from the roof and it's definitely worth a look. This green condominium project in Upper Carmen, as you can expect, offers a wonderful panorama of Cagayan de Oro.

A lot of units are still available if you are interested, mostly in the 2 last floors (9th & 10th) but also on the fifth (1 only), 7th & 8th.

East Side View: Mountain ranges of CDO, Bukidon, Macajalar Bay, Valley of CDO River, Cagayan de Oro Downtown

North Side View: SM City Mall from above, Macajalar Bay, West-Side of CDO (Bulua, Opol...)

South Side View: Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, Mountain Ranges, Lumbia Canitoan Valleys, Pueblo de Oro Township

West Side View: Bukidnon again, Mountain Ranges, Pueblo de Oro Township, Golf Course, Xavier School, Corpus Christi Church School & Airport (Lumbia)

As usual for enquiries, you can contact me:

Junelsa J. Philippe, Real Estate Broker, PRC License No. 0014307
0917 309 7257
0932 852 9098
0939 921 9011

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drina & Carmela in Videos

I went to Gran Europa last sunday with my colleague and we have been able to take videos of two of the model houses that are in promo in La Mirande Crest right now, you still have 2 days to reserve to avail it actually!

Sorry for the shaking, it's a Youtube feature that did not work as I expected, it's ok on the first video and a little less on the second one.

I took this video in Gardens of Portico as La Mirande Crest is not yet constructed in case you wonder. :)

Carmela Model

Drina Model

Friday, July 20, 2012

Are you on Twitter?

For sure you have a Facebook account - see the social media usage here in the Philippines, thanks to Jonha Revesencio :) - but do you use Twitter?
Probably no as it's not that famous in the Philippines and I'll try today to make you discover some good people on this network, you may try it then. So here is the list of the interesting people I invite you to follow if you start/continue to use Twitter. :)
About Cagayan de Oro:

Of course, the first person you should follow is @junelsaphilippe, it's me, I deal with real estate, CDO... and other topics, it depends.
If you want some news about our beloved city, then you have to follow @CDODev for the last updates in the city, it's more about projects & business. @incdo, @cdoguide & @mindanaoan are more "generalist" and other good sources of information.
For fun & Adventures, I think the best is @Safe_Adventures. :)
For OFWs:
I don't know all the Overseas Filipino Workers Communities around there but I surely follow this 3 ones that are full of advices & Updates:
- @OFWupdates
- @pinoy_ofw
News of the Philippines:
- @govph: The official Gazette of the Government
- @gmanews: GMA News Channel
- @ANCALERTS: ABS-CBN News Channel
- @inquirerdotnet: Inquirer Group
- @sunstaronline: Sun Star Online
For Inspiration:
- For Christians: @ChristianPost, @CatholicDigest, @catholiccom...
- For Muslims: @MuslimMoments, @MuslimMatters, @IslamSpeaks...
- For Buddhists or Dalai Lama fans: @DalaiLama
- For quotes: @GreatestQuotes, @iheartquotes, @AdmireMyQuote, @motivational, @Inspire_Us...

Here we are, you have my selection, of course it won't please everybody but I hope you'll find at least one or two good things in it.

Good Tweet & God Bless you all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Discount in Lessandra Heights & La Mirande Crest, Gran Europa

You can still avail big promos in the two new subdivisions in Gran Europa if you reserve before the Grand Opening, it remains 9 days as it will be on July the 28. Discounts range from 35k to 120k, it won't happen again before long. If you like the location, you should definitely at the following model houses and I'm certain that at least one of this will fit your requirements.

Give me a call or send me an email if you need a visit or more details.
Junelsa PHILIPPE, Broker, PRC Licence 0014307.
Email Address: contact@cdo-realestate.com
Mobile (Globe): 0917 309 7257
Mobile (Sun): 0932 852 9098
Mobile (Smart): 0939 921 9011

La Mirande Crest

Drina Model

Discount: php75.000
Lot Area: 99sqm
Floor Area: 83sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Carmela Model

Discount: php75.000
Lot Area: 88sqm
Floor Area: 65sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Elaisa Model

Discount: php75.000
Lot Area: 113sqm
Floor Area: 97sqm
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3

Emerald Model

Discount: php100.000
Lot Area: 132sqm
Floor Area: 143sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Ruby Model

Discount: php120.000
Lot Area: 150sqm
Floor Area: 179sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3

Sapphire Model

Discount: php100.000
Lot Area: 121sqm
Floor Area: 110sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3

Lessandra Heights

Margarita Townhouse

Discount: php35.000
Lot Area: 42sqm (63 for end-units)
Floor Area: 46sqm
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1

Reana Townhouse

Discount: php35.000
Lot Area: 42sqm (63 for end-units)
Floor Area: 40sqm
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bellevue 2BR house in a flood-free & secure subdivision

This Vera house has a floor area of 42.50 sq. meters with bigger lot areas. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and shower. It is Bellevue Subdivison, 3 minutes from SM in the upper side of the city (flood free) w/ guards, basketball court & clubhouse.

The two bedrooms have built-in cabinets, the house has fully tiled floors, interior and exterior walls are painted. The kitchen is harnessed with granite table top and stainless sink. Over head cabinets and under cabinets are also built ready for usage.

The garden is included in the package, it is already landscaped and the garage is cemented.

The reservation fee is only Php 25,000.00.

We have 6 units still available:

1) Blk 21 Lot 17
Floor area: 42.5 sqm
Lot Area: 151 sqm

Cash 2,353,900
Reservation: 25,000
Cash Discount: (250,000)
Net Payable: 2,078,900

Pag-ibig Financing: 2,353,900 Reservation Fee: 25,000
Equity: 608,900
Amort @ 18 months: 33,827.78
Loan Value: 1,720,000
Amort @ 30 yrs: 16,809.76

Reservation Fee: 25,000
Equity: 445,780
Amort @ 18 months: 24,765.56
Loan Value: 1,883,120
Amort @ 30 yrs: 19,437.35

2. Blk 21 Lot 17
Floor area: 42.5 sqm
Lot Area: 161 sqm

Cash: 2,433,900
Reservation fee: 25,000
If spotcash less 250,000
Net Payable: 2,158,900

Pag-ibig Financing: 2,433,900
Reservation Fee: 25,000
Equity: 635,900
Amort @ 18 months: 35,327.78
Loan Value: 1,773,000
Amort @ 30 yrs: 17,316.30

Reservation Fee: 25,000
Equity: 461,780
Amort @ 18 months: 25,654.44
Loan Value: 1,947,120
Amort @ 30 yrs: 20,097.95

3. Blk 21 Lot 13
Total Contract Price: 2,472,900
Discount: 250,000
Net Payable: 2,222,900

Pag-ibig financing:
Equity: 656,900
Payable: 18 months at 36,494
Monthly Amortization for 30 yrs: 17,728.27

Bank Financing:
Equity: 474,580
Payable for 18 months: 26,365.56
Amortization for 20 yrs: 20,626.43

4. Blk 21 Lot 11
Floor area: 42.5 sqm
Lot Area: 176 sqm
Total Contract Price: 2,553,900
discount: 250,000
Net Payable: 2,278,900

Pag-ibig financing:
Equity: 675,900
Payable 18 months at 37,550
Monthly Amortization for 30 yrs: 18,080.89

Bank Financing:
Equity: 485,780
Payable for 18 months: 26,987.78
Amortization for 20 yrs: 21,088.85

5. Blk 21 Lot 7
Floor area: 42.5 sqm
Lot Area: 191 sqm
Total Contract Price: 2,673,900
discount: 250,000
Net Payable: 2,398,900

Pag-ibig financing:
Equity: 715,900
Payable 18 months at 39,772.22
Monthly Amortization for 30 yrs: 18,845.48

Bank Financing:
Equity: 509,780
Payable for 18 months: 28,321.11
Amortization for 20 yrs: 22,079.75

5. Blk 21 Lot 5
Floor area: 42.5 sqm
Lot Area: 198 sqm
Total Contract Price: 2,729,900
discount: 250,000
Net Payable: 2,454,900

Pag-ibig financing:
Equity: 734,900
Payable 18 months at 40,827.78
Monthly Amortization for 30 yrs: 19,199.11

Bank Financing:
Equity: 520,980.00
Payable for 18 months: 28,943.33
Amortization for 20 yrs: 22,542.17

Contact me for more details or a visit:
  • Email Address: contact@cdo-realestate.com
  • Mobile (Globe): 0917 309 7257
  • Mobile (Sun): 0932 852 9098
  • Mobile (Smart): 0939 921 9011

Monday, July 9, 2012

House for Assume @ 450K in Forest View

If you are looking for a nice & affordalbe house in a secured subdivision (as much the guards as the floods), then look at this one, you should like it.

The property's  is 60sqm divided into 2 storeys and le lot is 91sqm wide, it's a cornered one. It has 2BR & 2CR.

You can have this property for php450.000 and then you need to continue the Pagibig loan for about 30 years at php14.000 monthly. If you want, you can also re-assess it or just buy it.

It is ready for occupancy with one aircon in the main bedroom, the first floor is tiled. It remains to divide the two rooms and to make the inferior paint.

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