Thursday, October 25, 2012

One day in your new condo in Primavera Residences

It's Sunday and I wake up early, the habit of the week I suppose. I check on my left, my husband is still sleepy, a quick kiss and I go out of the bed without waking him up. I open slowly the door of the other room and my two angels are still dreaming also, I think I'll have my coffee alone.

The room

I take it on the balcony then and I can relax watching the hills around, the city starts to awaken and I'm deluded by its sound and the birds song, so nice. My darling pulls me out of my thoughts by kissing me in the neck! The day is starting very well, actually I could not expect better.

The view

The children are not long to follow their papa and they join us to enjoy this moment. After a cup of something, everybody go to the bath and we're ready to go to the Mass. Let's cross the street and go in SM, it's so convenient, the priest is really nice and the choir girls have incredible voices. We enjoy this privileged moment in harmony with God and continue with a breakfast in Jollibee.

SM City, CDO

As we are already in a mall, that'd be too bad not to go SHOPPING, I love it... and I suppose you do too. Finally I check my watch and it appears that we have roomed around in the stores all morning. We have a quick lunch SM and we live, we're 5 minutes walk of our next attraction of the day.

Let's go to Manresa Farm, the kids will love it for sure. We spend time watching the animals and we can also buy organic products from the farm like fresh milk, meat... As usual for weekends, it has been so enjoyable time with my other half and our two kids, I did not see the time passing and we already need to come back home.

Manresa Farm

We still have time to enjoy some activities and while my hubby goes to the gym, I go with children in the swimming pool where we have a very good time. For dinner, even if we have so much choice between the barbecues, pizzas and all other restaurants around, I decide to cook for my family, it's my way to tell them "thank you" for this wonderful day.

The pool

Next weekend we'll do water rafting... if I dare. :)

Water rafting

The moral of this short story... We all want to live in Primavera Residences!
Contact me if it's your case. :)

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