Monday, March 18, 2013

Lots for sale in CDO - March 2013

Here are the last lots for sale I have for sale, if you're looking to build a house in a high-end subdivision in Upper Cagayan de Oro, it should make things for you and there may be what you're looking for.

There are five listings in total, they're distributed in three high-end subdivision:

Golf Estates

  1. Area: 554sqm
    Price: php4,000,000
  2. Area: 300sqm
    Price: php2,130,000

Philam Village

  1. Area: 330sqm
    Price: php2,145,000
  2. Area: 200sqm
    Price: php1,300,000
I can propose you 4 lots fitting second offer (200sqm).

Hillsborough Pointe

Area: 150sqm
Price: php1,000,000

For all the lots above, buyer will shoulder all the expenses including capital gains tax during the sale.

PS. You can contact me you look for something different - a condo, a house, another lot... - and I'll be happy to help you find it.

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