Friday, January 18, 2013

My Objective Review of Gran Europa

Last weekend I relocated from Bellevue Subdivision to Gran Europa and more precisely in Gardens of Portico II so I observed and I'll give you my personal opinion about this subdivision and about Gran Europa in its whole, hope this will help you if you still have questions about this neighbourhood.


This is probably the best part of Gran Europa, I really love what they did by keeping the trees (unlike most projects sadly), it's nice & green. Once in one of the subdivisions, it's very quiet and if you like to relax it's probably one of the best places you can find around Cagayan de Oro.

Flowers & Trees along the road in Gran Europa

I was afraid to hear too much the planes at first but they tend to pass mostly above the main gate so it's noisy there but not below once you enter the living areas so no big deal. I'd add that someday - when they'll finally finish the new one :) - the airport will relocate.
Last but not least, the air is so fresh here and I barely use a fan any more, it's so pleasant. To give you an idea, it's almost as fresh as in Manolo Fortich... So good. :)

Also, they like roundabouts here, my husband told me it reminded him France. :)


This depends on the subdivision you live in, they all have a clubhouse and all amenities are quite new and nice, hopefully it'll stay like this. For swimming you have to choose La Mirande, the other subdivisions have a basketball court in place of a swimming-pool.

Swimming Pool in La Mirande

Garbages are collected once a week, every fridays in Gardens of Portico & Lessandra.

Guards are very visible and round often by foot or by motorcycle, it's securing.

Geography & Transportation

This is the main drawback of Gran Europa, it's a little far of the city - even if this is subjective - and I recommend you to have a vehicle if you relocate here.
There are still many ways to commute with mostly air-con vans that pass in all subdivisions every fifteen minutes.
You can go for jeepneys at the main gate or in Lessandra's one (they take the barangay road then).

Lessandra Gate

Motorcycles & Taxis are available at the main gate and you can call the guards of your subdivision to get one. Talking about them, I recommend you to get their number as soon as you relocate.

Gran Europa Main Gate

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