Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's talk about Forest View for a minute

Forest View is maybe the less famous subdivision of Pueblo de Oro Township, it comes from its location I suppose. It's a little below the other ones, going down to Canitoan but is still totally flood-free in case you wonder and the subdivision has not been affected during Sendong & Pablo.

In my case, I reckon I like Forest View and I will weigh its pros & cons to help you find out if it's your case also, you may then consider it when choosing your future home or no.

  • The only public transportations available are shuttles for now, they go to SM.
  • Many people consider it as "a little far" to use their words, while I don't agree, I reckon it's the most "off-centered" subdivision of the township. To ponder that, let me remind you that it's still only 5 minutes from SM by car.

  • You can enjoy fresh nights, if you come from Bukidnon like me, it'll remind you your place. Days are quite hot like in the rest of Cagayan de Oro though.
  • The trees surrounding the place offer a quiet & pleasant environment to people looking for a natural & relaxing place.
  • Houses & townhomes are really affordable compared to other subdivisions.
  • As I wrote above, Forest View Homes is flood-free & offers 24h security with guards & canine patrols.

I have a good news also, for all December, trippings will be possible up to 9pm.

Let's see what units may suit you now, I selected my three favorite ones to make things easier cause we all know it, too much choice makes decision making difficult even if it gives the contrary impression. :)

My pick for couples or small families with only one kid is the Vivienne model that gives you access to property at affordable cost.
Price: php 1,365,000
Lot area: 80sqm
Floor area: 36sqm
Bedrooms: 2
CRs: 1

One Vivienne unit is reopened so hurry to contact me if you're interested because it's the last one.

If you have a bigger budget, I'd recommend the twinhome, I really like the design that makes the units look really spacious (more than they are, it's optimized I mean).
Price: php 1,988,750
Lot area: 108sqm
Floor area: 65sqm
Bedrooms: 2
CRs: 2

Finally, the
Erika model would be perfect for bigger families. Units are remaining with both inner & corner lots.
Price: php 2,415,000
Lot area: 108sqm
Floor area: 77sqm
Bedrooms: 3
CRs: 2

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