Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rush-Sale, house for Assume in bellevue Subdivision - 400K

If you know Bellevue Subdivision and like this place, which is probable, it's maybe the best time to buy there as I propose you today to assume a very affordable property.

Here are the details of the property, it's a Brent Model House in case you're familiar with the units there.

Lot Area: 95sqm
Floor Area: 36sqm
Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 1

This is a rush sale, the price is very low, you can compare, you won't find cheaper anywhere else for sure. So of course, it's first come, first served, if you like it, don't think too much you my miss this opportunity to become a homeowner at low cost.

This house has been sold, contact me for other listings.

Contact me for more details or if you have any questions. You can find my other listings on cdo-realestate.com & more info on my work on junelsaphilippe.com.
I'm also on Facebook & Twitter.

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