Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuscania Subdivision in CDO

You may already know Tuscania Subdivision, it is located in Kauswagan, it's my favorite one of the moment and I will explain you why. Here is their official website for you to have a look.

First I love the authentic italian design, they have an in-house architect in this subdivision and I must reckon that he does a wonderful job, the model houses as much as the special design are all very nice. You can opt for a personalized design, then you give your requirements to the team and they design and build a house just for you, it will be unique and you benefit of the talent of their architect.

Secondly, the material used for the building as much as for the interior design is top quality, they are far above the standard of other subdivisions and I'm sure that the properties there will surely stay in good condition far longer than the average. It's a recommended investment then.

Last but not least, the location is really perfect, it's close to everything :
- 2 minutes from the highway
- less than 5 minutes to Divisoria
- Walking distance to Save-More

If you are sport minded, you'll appreciate the swimming pool and be happy to know that a tennis and a basketball court are on project.

If you want to have a look at the models, here are some of our houses for sale in Tuscania Subdivision.

PS. As a client asked me a few weeks ago, the area is "flood free", it has been elevated on purpose and has not been touched by Sendong Storm and flood.



  1. looking for furnished house close to S/M this November. Will be occupied by a single American and will occupy alone for one year or more.Would like subd. that allows access to Xavier Rec. Ctr. therexterak@yahoo.com Rex Martin

  2. Good morning Rex, I answered you by email. Have a good weekend.


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